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Triangle double necklace. A beautiful necklace with two small triangles, one is Sterling silver and the other is hard plated in 18t gold. Each triangle is handmade and contains our signature geometric lined design, creating an edgy and unique look. It is cast in sterling silver and then hard plated in a thick layer of 18t gold. 

18 inch Sterling Silver chain.
Sterling silver hard plated in 18ct gold.

Every piece of jewellery is Handmade in Dublin in sterling silver and hard plated in 18ct yellow gold. 

Just like you, our lovely jewellery needs to be looked after. Follow our care instructions and your jewellery will look as beautiful as the day you first wore it.

Care instruction: Our Rose gold and Gold pieces are plated to the highest standard available. To keep it at its best avoid your Rose gold or Gold plated jewellery coming into contact with perfume or perfumed lotions, chemicals, excessive light, heat or moisture. Remove jewellery before showering and swimming.


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